DEATHWATCH Collectors edition - Coolest Packaging Ever!

Around lunch time today Scott sent me THIS LINK.
Sadly I didn't walk upstairs and read it until 10PM. That has to be the best collectors edition packaging I have ever seen in my 27.93 years on this planet. When a box for a book is so cool it makes you wanna go build models for your tabletop armies, it has to be good. I already picked up my copy of DEATHWATCH from games day but I'm sorely tempted to order this and pass the standard on. After I build a 10 man squad real quick that is...

With only 2k views on you tube I'm guessing many people don't know about this yet.  Spread the word. This is definitely a collectors edition worth replacing the wife's antique clock on the mantle with!

*Update* Apparently the pre-orders went up this morning. With only 2000 copies being made and 500 of them going to retailers these are going to go fast. The coolest thing of all though, is that if you do get one, the Apocryphon Oath on the inside is personalized to any name and chapter you wish. 


  1. Yea, I think I want that. Holy crapamoly that's cool.

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  3. BY The Throne!!! I think I just jizzed... Awesome! Thanks for posting