Games Day Table Expansion

     Back in 2010 when there was actually a Games Day on the east coast we had all signed up and ran a gaming table for the event. We had a little mini game going where people could walk up with an independent character and have a duel on one of the 2'x 2' battlefields we brought along. All of our old Games Day pictures can be seen here.

Out of the two arenas I made the lava one was always my favorite, and as soon as it was finished I knew I wanted to have a full table one day built in the same fashion. My youngest brother and I have been working on and off over the last year or so with long breaks in between but finally after a big push this week we have done it!

As you can see the original mini table is in the corner and we cut pink foam to match up and make a full sized table around it. I would like to make a few more pieces of themed terrain to go with it such as a volcano or a few mountains connected by a bridge or pipes but after a year of mostly procrastination it is good to see a project crossed off the list!

Also, as an added bonus, my brother now knows how to make cool looking terrain and I can get him to make it all!