Razorwing? A Blast From My Past

When Dark Eldar got their new codex my attention immediately went to the fact that they got a fighter jet. "That's awesome", I thought. At the time I wasn't planning on making an army and that was that. Months later while rummaging around at my parents I found this old model I built as a kid. 

It looked like it would be about the right size so I brought it home and began to entertain the possibility of using it at some point. Splinter rifles could be placed in the recesses in front of the cockpit with a minimum of work. Dark lances and missiles could be mounted under the wings. 
I had a few squads worth of the old warrior models sitting around and would only need a HQ to have a small playable force.

Recently I threw a minimum bid on a sizable Dark Eldar force on e bay with terrible paint jobs. Getting someones old unwanted army for cheap, stripping the paint, and breathing new life into the models has been something I wanted to try out for some time. Now that I have about 2000 points worth of models to work with the project can begin but GW has thrown a kink in my plan.

 The official model is now up for advance order! It looks great and I would like to field more than one as my stand in bat wing has proven the units worth on the tabletop in casual games. Moving on form reserve and unleashing four large blasts can take out plenty of units and fits my alpha strike Dark Eldar mentality perfectly.
I have found other Bat Jets available on the internet for very reasonable prices but here is my question to you all. Should I just suck it up and buy the new models or continue with my original idea to convert the bat jet?

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