Ready for War Games Con

As of now I am all set for War Games Con this weekend, at least game wise that is. I still have to get my rental car  set up, make my hotel reservation, and pack my bunker gear at work for the week after. Nothing like procrastination, right?

Almost Ready for WARgames Con

As of right now I am seven decals and some static grass away from being ready to rock down in Texas next week. I gotta say, getting a free flight to a gaming convention thanks to a work trip is the best idea ever!

About three months ago I realized my annual industrial fire fighting school was the week after WAR Games Con and the plan began to materialize in my mind. We normally fly down on Monday but I told my Chief I would like to go down on Thursday for the con. I also  mentioned it may be cheaper than a Monday ticket. This plan was a good one! After about a month of wondering they told me I got my early ticket!

I cant wait for next week to get here. If any of you want to play a game Thursday evening or Friday at the con let me know in the comments or shoot me an email. Otherwise I will have to spend my time stalking Brent.