Building A Metal Model

Basic modeling knowledge was bread and butter to me when I first got into the hobby. I have noticed that once most bloggers get established they never really go back to talking about the basics and thus the current new guys miss out. Not so today! Most of you all know this but here are the basics of prepping, assembling, and basing a metal model.

Pillaged Videos

TQ has been doing a video every day in October to test out his new video equipment, and work on his editing skills as he begins to venture into videography. Since he, like myself, is all about miniature war gaming many of his videos are and will be about the hobby. I will be posting them here since they could be of use to others who are looking for some tips or just want to see another dudes gaming room. So without further adieu, here is the first pillaged TQ video!

Here we have TQ making a list, checking it twice, and playing a game of WARMACHINE against the in-laws!

If you liked the video head over to his you tube channel and check out some more!