PBL Round 2 Live Stream

Today kicks off round 2 of our planetary empires campaign. TQ is planning on setting up a live stream once again with his amazing headcam. We're planning to start at 1PM EST so if you wanna watch some games, critique our mistakes, or are bored stop on by!

Here is a direct link to the channel.

Space Marines vs. New Tyranids Video Battle Report

Space Marines Vs. New Tyranids 1500 Points DoW/Annihilation from paul mehaffey on Vimeo.

This weekend saw the start of our second round of competitive play. We are using the standard Planetary Empires rules with a few modifications to ensure variety among the games. If your interested all the rules are listed to the right under links and you can see the status of our campaign map.

My first match up was again Joe V. and his tyranids. He got the new rules a few nights before and decided to see how his old list played out. Contrary to the codex creepers cries, things seemed manageable with good target priority and threat management. Even though I lost the game I could clearly see where i went wrong and it was in no part due to the new Nids being overpowered. I misjudged how far away my assault marines were form the genestealers and that my tyrant had imaginary wings on it and got caught after the genestealers got a 6 for difficult terrain and a 6 for fleet. If I had faced either one at the time I felt that I could have taken them out in close combat. After my assault plans fell apart I went on the defensive and did my best to salvage the game but the damage had already been done.

Just remember, Have faith in your Bolters when your other weapons fail!

PBL2 Begins! Planetary Empires Live!

Today begins our new year of gaming and with only 2 guys calling in with excuses we're looking forward to having 10 players for our first meet up of 2010. Josh From TQ Studios being Mr. interwebs is running a live head cam while we go at it. Were planning on starting at 1pm eastern time so come on by and watch us throw some dice!

Cloud gets beat by a girl

Since BoLS just posted about wargaming women or the lack thereof, I figured its time to post these pics.Ive had them sitting around for almost a year now that I think about it.
This is Cloud and Zephri's first game of 40k. Cloud ran a Chaos lord in terminator armor and a power weapon, a demon prince, a csm squad, a Khorne berserker squad, and thousand sons.
Zephri ran a Necron Lord with Veil and Res orb, a destroyer lord, two 10 man warrior squads, wraiths, and destroyers.
Its been about a year so I cant remember the details all too clearly but Cloud totally got owned. It was Pitched battle with 3 objectives. The Chaos lord and CSM squad sat on one objective in the manufactorium the whole game and didn't move out of cover till the end. Zephri had a warrior squad in the golden building on the opposite corner and the 3rd objective was in a crater across form the manufactorium. The wraiths got owned from early shooting. Clouds Khorne Berserkers spent 4 turns trying to move through the trees to assault the gold building and when they finally got out the necron lord ported over with a warrior squad, rapid fired, and wiped them out. Destroyers picked apart the thousand sons and the demon prince at range, with the Destroyer lord swooping in to finish it in close combat. In the final turns the terminator lord tried in vain to go after the crater objective but the normal Necron Lord and his squad ported back to screen and claim the objective. Zephri ended up winning 2-1. She lost about 5 or 6 units total. Cloud on the other hand lost about 15 or so. Cloud hasn't come back to play ever since he got beat by a girl. Hopefully all this mocking will get him back this week!

Turn 1 movement.

Cloud laughs it off as his forces fail him yet again.

Zephri gloats as she rolls a bazillion 6's for gauss weapons once more!

Cloud is smug as he thinks hes about to get a revenge kill!

Onlooker Rob is excited about this game!

She may have crushed him in 40k, but he can still crush her in real life!

On a completely different note, tomorrow starts our new Planetary Empires campaign / tournament. Look for video battle reports and other details to start to pop up later this week. TQ was throwing around the idea of having a live video feed going while we play so maybe that will happen as well.