Warmachine Slow Grow Update

We finished up our last round of 25 point games last time we got together and are looking forward to moving up to 35 point armies this weekend. As you can see some of the armies are really beginning to come together as our group spends more time working on them. 

 Everyone has been slowly working on their armies over the course of four months now and we are at the half way point as far as our competition goes. Hopefully when the next Warstore Weekend or Mechanicon happens a good portion of us will be able to play in their steamroller events.

 After the "completely within" debacle we had previously, the group has been a lot more conscious and deliberate in their positioning. As a group I think everyone has moved past the "newbie mistakes" phase of learning the new system and our games are starting to show more strategy and depth. I can't wait to see what people bring for our games this weekend, because my legions need more enemies to crush!

How to Play King of the Trukk

During one our previous gaming sessions a new game was born. Joey V. and Rob were milling about during the "after dinner lets not play and think about how much pizza we just ate phase". Jordan left his ork army sitting on the edge of the table and a discussion came up. Just how many boyz can you fit in a trukk? Competitive shenanigans ensued.
The concept of the game is quite simple. Players alternate placing ork models on the trukk. When you run out of boyz to stack move on to bigger models. Place HQ models last so they feel more important. The first player to  make the boyz fall is the loser. The winner gets the right to be called the king of the north...err trukk for the rest of the day!

The game is fast, simple, and fun!
Jordan only had a few orks this day and the game was a draw.
Doesn't that war boss look so proud though?