Every One Is Painting! How Can That Be?

Just like the title implies, a lot of paint has been applied lately. Since moving in with me a little over a month ago, my brothers Jordan and Jon have been painting up a storm. Jordan having nearly completed all of his ork horde went back to his original army, the Tau. Originally his army was a horrendous blend of red base coat with black spammed all over that made me regret buying him models. After the GW washes were released I introduced him to Devlan Mud and the foundation paints and suddenly he felt that he could paint a mini. After painting his two squads of fire warriors he stopped and moved on to orks, but now hes decided its time to give the tau some love again.
He calls them the grapes, because they get squished a lot.
Jon has been all over the place with his painting. Between CSM, Tyranids, and Blood Angels he hasn't finished a single squad but, he has finished quite a few models between them all.
What has impressed me the most so far is his new death company. Hes been taking his time and trying to become a better painter and it really shows. We also finally put together his winged hive tyrant and it came out looking sweet!

A year ago this kid built his models with gorilla glue....
Ready for some NOMS!
My little boy even got in on the action! Since so many people have been painting lately it was inevitable that he would want to paint mans too! He already loves dice, so the circle is now complete! 

Finally, on to me. Between games day prep and my first commission Ive been super busy lately. I'm currently about 30% through a 1500 point sisters of battle army for Kung Fu Joe. It was his first 40k army and like many people he never put any paint on it. His only instructions were ,"Our Martyred Lady colors" so with that I set off. Finding time to paint has been hectic over the last month but after a few nights I got a good three and a half squads worth of models finished.

Ready to PURGE!
I was really hoping to have the whole army done by now but life decided to kick our butts last month. Since life gave me lemons...BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

Way back when I posted asking about how to get a club table spot at games day and when the time came I submitted our idea right away.

Skulls for the Skull Throne!
PBL Players
Models you can bring: 40K Independent Character - 200 points or less
In the spirit of Justicar Alaric's battles in the Khorne dedicated arenas of Drakaasi, bring your favorite Independent Character of 200 points or less and prepare to battle it out in gladiatorial arenas from across the galaxy. The winner of each duel will continue to face new challengers until they are slain. Those with the longest winning streaks will get prizes!

This afternoon I finished building the first arena with some help from Jon. My loving wife totally ruined my plans to paint it by suggesting a better color scheme. Depending on how motivated I get tomorrow it may or may not get painted. TQ is supposedly almost finished building our Ice world themed board and after that we will most likely join forces to build the last one.

I guess that's enough rant for this installment. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get our first game of fantasy uploaded so people can tell us what we did wrong!

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