Battle Report - Tyranids Vs. Tyranids in Tyranid...wait, what?!

Tyranids VS Tyranids in Tyranid Wave Assault from paul mehaffey on Vimeo.

When I passed Joey V the camera last time we got together I wasn't expecting this. Joe and Jon are both on top of the current standings in our planetary empires campaign. Since the new codex dropped they have both been on a rampage, and loving every second of it. When their inevitable clash came no one expected them to pick up the Battle Missions book and create a bio mess like this.

My Wife Left The Paint Out, My Two Year Old Woke Up Early.

This week my wife came running into the room yelling, "PAUL WAKE UP NOW! HURRY!"
 Apparently our son got up early and did a little exploring. Every paint in the center picture was under the table in a pile, many with their caps taken off.

My wife has been letting our son paint these little $1 wooden animal cut outs and picture frames we get  from the local hobby shop and AC Moore. My boy likes painting them a lot and often asks to go to "Bobby Hobby". Hopefully this will translate into a future love for the plastic crack. Anyway, Back to the story at hand.
Friday he was painting and my wife found out the neighbor was having a yard sale the next day. Our house quickly became a disaster zone while things were getting moved next door for the sale. After the flurry of activity setting up for the sale tons of stuff was left sitting on out dining room table. She claims that she didn't put the paints on the floor, but since she brought them up from the basement its not my fault for once!

After a day of soaking and scrubbing with the acrylic brush cleaner from my kids last painting adventure we gave up. My wife just wants to flip the rug. I think we should wait a few years since something else is bound to happen. What do you think?