Tau Doubles List

A while back I got the itch to make a doubles list. Like any other addict of plastic crack this means I immediately made a list and bought models...so they could sit on a shelf and not get used. With our new gaming league coming up soon I'm looking forward to playing multiple game types so maybe we'll get a few rounds of doubles action in. Here's the list.

Fusion Blaster; Hard-wired Drone Controller; Hard-wired Multi-tracker; Stimulant Injector; Plasma Rifle; Targeting Array
2 Gun Drones
Twin Linked Pulse Carbines

10 Fire Warriors
Pulse Rifle (x10)

10 Fire Warriors
Pulse Rifle (x10)

1 Hammerhead Gunship
Railgun; Two Burst Cannons; Targeting Array; Decoy Launchers; Disruption Pod; Landing Gear; Multi-Tracker

My prospective partner would most likely be running a CC oriented Eldar list so I feel that this list would allow me to give him good long range support. And we all know Hammerheads are sweet!

Counts As Vulkan - Techmarine Finished

Just a quick update. I finished this guy a while ago but haven't had time to take any pics with all the Christmas stuff going on lately. I will most likely come to loathe this model after I face off against it over and over again in the coming months but for now I'm rather happy with it. Merry Christmas Dan! Now paint the rest of your Miami Dolphins! Err... space marines...

I'm Dreaming of a Counts As Christmas

Between everything else vying for my attention these days, I have been working on a few Christmas presents for friends. First up is a Njal Stormcaller for TQ. I bought this back when I got him Termies for his wedding present and have been sitting on it for a few months. Originally I planned to have a pre heresy Thousand Sons head half burried in the snow at his feet but after I put a few test heads there it seemed to be too much going on. I plan to put a little more snow on the base and paint the bottom what ever color hes doing his army in and being done with it.

The next present I'm working on is for Dan the man. If you look through some of our summer league pictures you'll notice that one army always seemed to have a single gray knight running around. That was Dan stealing a gray knight and using it as Vulkan Hestaan. Another thing about Dan is he loves him some tech-marines. So after a little bits box searching this is what I came up with.

It's a normal tech marine model with the servo arm cut off and replaced with an old school terminator heavy flamer. A chain sword arm with a warriors of chaos sword blade and a broken drill bit for a handle. And some empire shield that came from the 3rd edition starter set that I got and never played with after my friend took the rulebook and I never saw it again.
Once I get some more done on it I'll post a painted pic. I also picked up a Fortress of Redemption because the box was in front of me and it compelled me to take it home to show my wife. I plan on making a lot more terrain before we start our planetary empires campaign next month and hopefully I'll get a few more nids form my old nidzilla finished.
Happy Holidays!

Soldering Woes = Modeling Woahs!

A few months back I needed a new water heater. I was having to reset it 3 times a day and getting lots of cold showers. When I finally broke down and decided to get a new one I figured it would be a pretty easy do it yourself project. While Soldering on my first piece of copper I used way too much and it dripped all over the top of the tank. But, looking down at my latest mess, I saw only one thing. An easy to make pile of Nurgley goodness.

How to Solder up some nurgle gurgle in 3 easy steps

1.Build your model.
2. Get some solder and a way to melt it such as a soldering iron or a small torch.
3. Drip solder where you want it on your model.

Now its actually takes a bit of dexterity to make the drops go where you want them, but a few practice piles of goo and you should get the hang of it. Remember, if you do try this, you are dropping molten metal on your plastic model and it will warp the plastic a bit. Overall I'm happy with my results and I hope you will be too!