Some People Win It All!

The winner of our 1st anniversary give away is... Gonewild! Apparently hes on a roll with winning things lately! Once he contacts me I will be sending him an assault marine Sargent with a power fist. Congrats on winning our first giveaway!

In other news I have been rather silent lately on the posting front. Between having my brothers move in with me, foster parent licensing, working on our games day tables, commission painting, job hunting, and taking care of babies because my pregnant wife has been puking up her guts, things have been crazy around here! Look for screen shots and a battle report of our first game of fantasy later this week!

We Don't Treat Painting As A Competition Here

Not to be out done while moving to a new state, Scott swung by just to give Defrolla Dan's first finished ork a quick visit. There was no bitterness at not being the first to have a painted man featured on the group's site at all. For Scott and his Ultramarines there was only clarity of purpose and the Catechism of the Xeno.

To be Unclean
That is the Mark of the Xenos
To be Impure
That is the Mark of the Xenos
To be Abhorred
That is the Mark of the Xenos
To be Reviled
That is the Mark of the Xenos
To be Hunted
That is the Mark of the Xenos
To be Purged
That is the fate of the Xenos
To be Cleansed
For that is the fate of all Xenos
-Catechism of the Xeno, Extract from the Third Book of Indoctrinations.

Having slain his rival's xenos scum, Scott would proudly like to present his first painted models! I hear he tried out multiple techniques but in the end they all look great! I wish my first models looked as good as his did...

One Year Anniversary + Giveaway

FOR THE EMPEROR!!! It's been a year already! Looking back to when I first started this blog I clearly remember thinking that this would end up being a picture dump after our monthly events. Fifteen thousand views and 41 followers later its seems it has become so much more than I originally anticipated.

For those who haven't followed us, here are a few of our milestones this year.
Our first Basement League Game Day
Joining From The Warp, Because the logo is awesome!
Our first tournaments tie breaker / Our first video battle report.
Using solder to make nurgle gurgle got mentioned on The Painting Corps.
My first mini to get rated over a 7 on CMON.
THE POST HEARD ROUND THE WORLD. Yeah, I started all the girl gamer / unicorn stuff....
Our first APOC game that didn't end in catastrophe.
Joey V. wins our six month long Planetary Empires campaign.

I would like to thank every one for checking us out and commenting. Personally it has been a great motivator and the ideas from the community have been awesome. To say thank you, I've decided to have a giveaway to commemorate  the site's first year. Digging around in my box of random 40k stuff, I found one of these sitting new in the blister.
Since I'm calling my space marines officially "done" after I finish one more squad, I have no more use for this guy. One lucky follower will win him on the 31st of July when our group gets together for our day of gaming. On that day, I will go to and do it like every one else seems to do and then contact the winner through email. Should the winner fail to reply within one week I will repeat the process.

Thanks again to everyone in the community! And here's looking forward to another awesome year of gaming!

Scott is the New Dan

The unthinkable happened. Dan has a painted and based  mini and wants the world to know! We all thought Scott would have been first but apparently he is now the weakest link. Here is Dan's first painted mini!

Grats to you Dan the painter man!

A Conqueror Of Worlds

Last weekend during our monthly 40k day the unthinkable happened. We finally got a winner for our planetary empires game that had been going on since January. After months of figuring out tile bonuses and forgetting to use the Universal Special Rules that we gave to our units (until they were almost dead) Joey V. directed Hive Fleet Cerberus to victory! Joe was all fired up to play his bugs when we began, and with his new codex in hand he went on to dominate nearly every game he played. The stats we kept during the campaign show that Joe never lost a game, and only had a few games in a draw. Toward the end, having so many tiles allowed enemies to bring a few hundred more points to bear in his games. Even with the odds stacked against him, his tactical prowess still led him to victory!

In an attempt to start a tradition I chose to make this years trophy based on last years winner. Our last league was won by an Ork Player and thus I present the ORKY. (Its kind of like an Oscar, but with more dakka.)

(Also note the the proper alignment of the trophy has the ork running away fiercely.)

Next time we have a 40k league the trophy will now have to be based on Tyranids. But that may be a while as TQ has been steadily inducting us into his WARMACHINE fold and with the new fantasy on the way we are all excited about ranking up and marching forth to victory!

So many games... So few weekends...