2009 Summer League Final Match VBR

Paul's Basement League 2009 Final Match from paul mehaffey on Vimeo.

After four awesome months of painting and gaming our summer league has finally come to a close.
Since we ended up with a tie for first TQ (from www.tqstudios.com) and Jordan decided to play one final game to determine the winner. I moved the video to Vimeo since the blogger size limit was pretty fail.

More PBL 3 pics

Here are a few more pics form the last Round of our summer basement league. The grand finale is coming today and I have some special objectives in store for the finalists to fight over.(pending on wether or not i get them painted up in time) Since I won't be playing for once, I plan on making our first video battle report and putting it up afterward.

"PT PLZ" ( Diablo reference )

"This should be called gene-zilla"

"Wuzn't we outnumberin dem?"

"Aren't we supposed to be the ones in the trees?"

"I think he just cast doom on all of us"

PBL Event 3 pics

This months battle type was Capture and Control with Dawn of War deployment. Finally reaching the 1500 point mark meant a lot of changes in army composition as people finally had the points to make a balanced force. The first round started with TQ winning the first turn and deployment and then announcing "I'm done." without putting a single model on the table from his guard army. A few minutes and a few reserve rolls later his opponent was surrounded by guardsmen and a Grey Knight hero with his terminator retinue. In all it was another fun time with some very well fought battles. Out of nowhere Jordan who had never won a game ended up in a tie for first place that will be decided this coming Friday. Having a league where painting could earn more than winning really got some people motivated to paint their armies and I think from now on we will incorporate such systems. Most peoples armies aren't finished but they look so much better.

"Maybe it won't turn around."

"Tic Tac Toe"

"Lash for the BLOOD GOD!"

"They weren't all there before we boosted, I'm sure of it!"

"Pile in boyz!"

Summer Basement league ends...or does it?

So the final round of our summer basement league was Saturday and, thanks to a massive amount of last minute painting and a new fleet of ramshackle truks, WAAGGH Jordan managed to end up tied with TQ's Imperial Guard and Daemon Hunter allies. Not content to just play another game they have decided to duke it out for the trophy in true 40k style... APOCALYPTIC BATTLE! Most of us have never played an Apoc game before so it should make for an interesting night once we decide on a date and a time.

So i did a little painting...

Actually, I did a decent amount of painting over the last few weeks. It's been quite a feat with a new baby and my little boy sucking up most of my time.

I picked up Planetary Empires after seeing the awesome campaign in White Dwarf last month. Since the Summer basement league was about to wind down I decided to pick it up to keep things fresh in my gaming lair. I figure at the rate we play, one of these campaigns could last us for a good half a year or so at the least. The tiles came out pretty well with a quick over brush job and I feel if we want to expand later on with a Mighty Empires box that I wouldn't mind slapping some color on another 50 tiles. It sounds like a really big number but they go really fast once you start cranking them out. Oh, and if any one can think up a cool name for the planet were going to be fighting on feel free to leave a comment. Late night with baby is sapping all my creative energy lately.

I also painted up a few more CSM models for my buddy Perdition. Back before we had any money in high school, and Magic was the big thing, he bought a bunch of fantasy dwarfs and they sat for years. Once we got into 40k he came by, saw all of our little mans and ended up playing with them till the wee hours of the night. The next morning, the first words out of his mouth were, "So when are we gonna go get me an army?" About 3 hours later we came back to my place with a CSM spearhead the Apoc Vindicator box a Land Raider and some Thousand Sons. When he dives, he goes deep. A few weeks later he came back over enough Forge World to get free shipping, but that's a whole post in itself. To make a long story short, I've been working on his stuff along mine for the last year or so and played a lot of games with his army and every once in a while he makes it over to play a game. He needed a few more models to flesh out a second squad so like any good army squatter I manned up and got the rest of the models that I err... he needed.

Now for my army... I've been wanting to make some fancy objective counters for a while now. Back when I was building my bikers I had a few spare parts left over so I decided to make a wounded marine. About a week after I made him GW announced that they were releasing wounded marine models. Needless to say I kinda felt like they stole my idea, but I finally got around to putting some color on him this week. I'm planning to give painting heavy battle damage a try before I go back over a bunch of my army and try to spice them all up a bit.


So when i took off work today to help out my wife with the new baby I never imagined I'd be spending the evening in over watch. But, sure enough, around 4 in the afternoon my wife came in with a big box from GW and I immediately went for the phone.

I know every one else on the internet says this but the quality of the game is very top notch. The sculpts are all very detailed and the tiles for the maps are all stamped in areas to add depth to the printed images. Alas, my box came with a broken model. Nothing serious but Brother Goriel's genestealer spine was broken in half and rattling around the box.

After getting everything clipped of the sprue and assembled we got right down to playing the first mission. All of our group being new to space hulk it was up to TQ to teach us what he had learned in the local GW store last week. The first turns were pretty straight forward with all of us just moving our pieces around. I quickly learned how powerful over watch was when my rearguard, Brother Deino, obliterated nine genestealers charging down the first hallway.

After seeing how vulnerable the genestealers were my opponents decided to mass their forces for a final charge at the far end of the map while I made my advance. When the big charge finally came i realized i had made a terrible mistake. The heavy flamer on which my mission depended was leading the advance toward the objective. Realizing my error I used command points to put him in guard mode and prepared for the worst, but like a true warrior of the Blood angels chapter he managed to prevail in close combat and purge the infested final intersection of xenos filth. After overcoming what i thought would have been my downfall i simply needed to advance and complete my mission racking up my first Space Hulk victory.