Games Day Club Table Wrap-up

Games Day 2010 has come and gone. All the preparation paid off. The PBL Players and our independent characters descended on Balitmore early yesterday morning. Without further adieu I'd like to thank everyone that stopped by and threw down in a game or ten and share some of our pictures.

We were tracking winning streaks and got a chance to meet a lot of great people. Some of the most prolific winners were a Dark Eldar Archon, Commisar Yarrick and Lysander while Eternal Warrior and Jetpacks seemed to be the most valuable attributes. Here are some more killshots:
The table was bustling all day and we tried to get as many shots as we could. Obviously we couldn't include every picture here, but we hope these have been a good sampling.
In the end, Yarrick carried the day and Patrick took the first selection of prizes. With his Demon Prince in hand we also gave out some other prizes, but only have pictures of a few.

In closing, we would like to thank you all once again for stopping by, showing your support and getting some games in. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Although we won't be attending Games Day 2011 in Chicago, we hope its not the last time we can bring an event to other GW fans.

Here are a few extra pictures to enjoy on the way out. Be sure to check back in a few days for Paul's battle verses Jawaballs!


  1. Care to share any rules you used with the IC battles?

  2. You were allowed to bring any 200 point Independent Character. Players deployed within 6 inches of their table edge and rolled a d6 + initiative for the first turn.