Spreading the 40K Infection

Having just sent the email to cancel our game day due to my little girl getting pink eye I was pretty bummed. Especially since I know my other two kids will most likely have it over the next few days. But, posting inspiration comes from odd places and one of my buddies from my online gaming circles has recently caught an infection of a different sort.

Duranias and I have been playing games together for years and when space marine came out he cried and cried that he wanted it but could not afford it at the time. Eventually it was cheap enough that I just bought it for him and he was gone from there. He asked me a few weeks ago how to best go about getting an army and I pointed him to the cheap pieces of black reach on eBay. Now hes making good progress on his salamanders and I thought I would share his progress so far. I have to say I wish my first guys looked that good. He watched some how to paint salamander videos and cranked out an awesome bunch of first minis!

Like all good infections his local friends are now also taking the dive and this weekend they are planning to play their first games! I have to say, "Isn't papa Nurgle's plastic infection grand?"