My Two Days at Mechanicon

This post managed to get lost in the blob that was MEM2, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, and Christmas.
But hey, better late than never, right? Let's just pretend it still mid November.

I recently attended The Mechanicon for the first time. I have wanted to go for the last few years but my son's birthday has been falling on that weekend since I got into 40k. This year his Birthday was on Sunday so I managed to get in on the Friday Night Fight and took my brothers for the Kill Team Alpha tournament on Saturday.
Foot Nurgle. Every model has magnetized bases to match any table!
I managed to forget my camera on Friday, but with a sixteen hour night shift beforehand and three hours of sleep before the event  there wasn't much to see any way. I tried out a Vulkan list for the first time and my dice treated me a lot better than they did during The Warstore Weekend. Alas, I learned two valuable lessons. First get more sleep before a tournament!
After winning my first game versus plague marines on foot, I came up against a Thousand Sons themed Khan Biker army. My opponent used three thunder fire cannons to make difficult/dangerous terrain and pounded away with rifle dreads while I had to slog towards him. I played a good game for about three turns after which I made a  dumb move unloading my TH/SS terminators and lost any advantage I had from that point. I have noticed that I'm often the first to attack during a waiting game and had I attempted to weather another round of fire I may have won the game. At least I can say I was half asleep!