The Internet Is For Khorne!

The first of our club's Games Day arenas is ready for some blood shed! The original idea behind our clubs event was to have a colosseum of some sorts where two mighty heroes could duke it out. Knowing that we absolutely had to have this battle ground from the get go made building it a lot easier. After weeks of agonizing over how to actually build it the old "how to make a ziggurat tutorial" came to mind. A few days of foam cutting and sand sprinkling later we had this. It looked good and would soon be  ready for some paint!

After the glue finally dried two days later it was quickly painted up to this after a couple of nights.

Now at 2AM hand painting a giant symbol of the blood god sounded like a great idea. I could paint a few straight lines and be finished! The next day when my wife went down to see what kept me up till the wee hours reality set in. She told me it looked like crap and took  the liberty of putting the first coat of brown paint back on it before I could try to convince her otherwise.

Hind sight is always 20/20 and once again it proved true. After printing out a symbol and cutting it out I gave it a good splattering of GW Red Ink. My brother in law who never finishes painting his models used this on his old great unclean one and it looked pretty good, except for the fact that he covered his golden demon worthy model in tiny red dots. Luckily, my plan worked a little better.

Happy with my test results I masked off the area and put the stencil in place. Once the blood started to fly everything looked like it was going according to plan. That is until I lifted my hand to admire a job well done and realized that a drip of ink had fallen into the corner of the symbol. After my initial "OH CRAP" moment I realized it made more sense this way. If someone were to be gutted on the spot there would be a large puddle of blood with spray leading away from it. It would be perfectly logical if blood offered in the name of Khorne were to just happen to land in the shape of the blood gods emblem! This subtle symbolism was just what I was hoping for!

Here is a shot of the final paint job. I'm debating whether or not to mark out deployment zones. Next time everyone gets together for paint night well have to talk it over.

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  1. Came in to say what a wonderful pun your blog post headline was - an excellent way to get people to visit your blog!

    The arena looks good, well done!