It's that time again! MASS EFFECT MARATHON 2! A bunch of my friends are torturing themselves with 72 hours of non stop Mass Effect 1 and 2 play through (Plus DLC) and random hi jinks! I would be there right now forcing vomit favored jellybeans down if I could! All of the proceeds are going to Child's Play Charity and there's plenty of swag to be won for donating.

Also, once again Revenant Autumn is scratch building an awesome Normandy model to be auctioned off and this time it has lights! You can see last years finished model and his WIP shots for this years on his blog.

So what are you waiting for! Check out and donate to MASS EFFECT MARATHON 2! Do it for the children!

Space Marine, The New Facebook?

So I was playing Space Marine way later than I should have been the other night when, out of nowhere, this Imperial Fist clad in MK VIII power armor runs by. I look at him and think to my self, "Man that name sounds familiar." We finish the match and in the lobby lo and behold he asks me, "Palinmoonstride, where do I know that name from?"

Sure enough, it was the same Mr. Went that I played almost two years ago in this battle report.

Now what are the odds of that?
Space Marine, now connecting battle brothers across the country!