Deathwatch, The New Hotness

When I picked up an early copy of the Deathwatch role playing game at Games Day back in August I knew we would play it. I knew we would all make models for our characters and set aside time on our monthly gaming day for it. I did not know it would become the main event! During the slow time between summer and Christmas attendance has been sporadic at best during any of our gaming related fun times. Every few weeks enough of us would be around to try out the game here and there. The immediate response was always something like this, "HOLY CRAP! THAT WAS AWESOME!", or like this, " I JUST DID HOW MUCH DAMAGE!", or ," WE ARE THIS POWERFUL AT LEVEL ONE?!"

Having played more than our fair share of role playing games over the years we all found the game to be both unique and refreshing. It can be played as a space marine kill fest but there is also plenty of room for depth of storyline like you would expect from any well done role playing system. Did I mention how AWESOME space marines are at level one? Its very refreshing to be able to start a new character and not worry about getting killed off in the first combat you come across. Not that you are invincible, mind you. Space Marines can still drop dead rather quickly given the right circumstances as our first group quickly found out. (Genestealers are serious business when they get a crit to your head.)

On the flip side when your team works together using the squad mode abilities you can deal with overwhelming threats almost with ease. When we were surprised by a Lictor while moving to a new area we brought it down so fast the GM was shocked and gave it more HP for a few rounds just so he could at least get a few attacks off. Running the game takes serious adjustment in planning simply because your players are no longer weak nobodies. They are the champions of mankind! They are space marines!

A big bonus for tabletop 40k players is that you can use your models and terrain to really make battles come alive. Many times throughout the missions we would see the map of the area we entered and make an approximate recreation with whatever terrain was available. I'm one of those gamers who really enjoys seeing painted models bring a battlefield to life and it really made the game that much more enjoyable. Defrolla Dan showed up with an old deathwatch squad he nabbed form ebay which some people used but many of us are working on our own custom figures.

If you have yet to give deathwatch a try you should. They have a free starter mission with abridged rules available here.

Soon you too could be hot wiring a chimera and rocking it like this!

This wasn't even the epic finale.
Rune Priest Yimeron Ready to unleash his power.
This is my Blood Angel apothecary. He's got magnets!