Something stinks!

So now that all the weddings and birthdays are over we finally got a chance to get back to gaming time here in south jersey. I've been in a Nurgle mood recently and since I have so much stuff sitting around waiting to get built and painted I have been working on it while we haven't been playing. First up, here are a few Forge World Death Guard. These little buggers have to be some of the coolest Chaos models I have ever seen. Now that I painted the cool ones I find that I can't get excited about painting the metal plague marines.

On the other hand Nurgle Dreadnoughts are something I can get excited about. This thing is AWESOME! Nothing screams Nurgle to me louder than a hulking machine of death with little nurglings riding on it while showing off their bottoms!

And finally since the army's troops all cost so many points I went out and picked up some Plague Bearers. These have to be the easiest things to paint in the whole chaos line. I painted them in about 2 hours total time and found my self bored for the rest of the night after finishing so quickly.

I really love that feeling of accomplishment you get when you finish a bunch of models that have been sitting around!