Video Battle Report -Tau Vs. CSM

Tau Vs CSM 1850 Dawn of War / Annihilation from paul mehaffey on Vimeo.

My brothers have been getting in quite a few games lately since moving in with me. Having a basement full of 40k most likely helps to support this growing trend.  Jon has been giving his Chaos Space Marines another try while Jordan is trying out his long lost Tau once more.  Jordan has never had much luck with his tau in the past. He's won here and there but mostly hes just gotten his army wiped. Lately after Jon gets done wiping the floor with him I've been taking his list and playing a second game with Jon so he can see a different tactical point of view. So far, in every game Jordan has lost I have managed to pull out a draw. This is one of those games. Jordan doesn't exactly have the best list set up, but I think playing with lots of different unit types will give him a greater appreciation of what he can later do tactically when we run our escalation league.

As always, comments or tips are appreciated. None of us have any major Tau experience under our belts. We have one Tau player in out group but until recently he hasn't been around for months.

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  1. Nice job in the battle, looked pretty close!

    As said mostly-absent Tau player, the main tip I can offer is honing the list. There is a lot of fat in this list, in both points and killpoints. Trimming some of this could allow you to field much more firepower or mobility.

    I'd be happy to help with some list suggestions, but I'd rather not break it down in comments(atleast without a written armylist).