Soldering Woes = Modeling Woahs!

A few months back I needed a new water heater. I was having to reset it 3 times a day and getting lots of cold showers. When I finally broke down and decided to get a new one I figured it would be a pretty easy do it yourself project. While Soldering on my first piece of copper I used way too much and it dripped all over the top of the tank. But, looking down at my latest mess, I saw only one thing. An easy to make pile of Nurgley goodness.

How to Solder up some nurgle gurgle in 3 easy steps

1.Build your model.
2. Get some solder and a way to melt it such as a soldering iron or a small torch.
3. Drip solder where you want it on your model.

Now its actually takes a bit of dexterity to make the drops go where you want them, but a few practice piles of goo and you should get the hang of it. Remember, if you do try this, you are dropping molten metal on your plastic model and it will warp the plastic a bit. Overall I'm happy with my results and I hope you will be too!


  1. Eureka!

    Excellent mate, I'm just wondering what else it could be used for.

  2. Looks good man, gotta get a pic up of it painted! Looks good now.

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