The first is away!

Considering that the next PBL meet up is drawing near i decided it was
high time to post pics of the first! Initial set up kept me up till the
wee hours and finally it was decided that if i forgot something it
could wait till morning.
To keep the playing field unbiased my wife placed 3 objectives on each
table and matches were randomly generate for the round - robin style

After berating Dan for getting us started 10 minutes late the
armies were deployed and the dice were rolling!

Alas, Jon got stuck with the first bye, hopefully the 8th player will
be found for the 2nd meet up.

The first achievement went to yours truly as my revered Captain Palinus
led Sargent Corneus and his bikers into a first turn charge against
Jordan's Wazdakka Nopaintsmek and his cronies.

Jordan was later found to be cowering in fear as my marines quickly
cleared the table of all "greyskin"opposition.

Besides our discovery that trying to fit 3 rounds in the
alloted time was too much the event went mostly as planned and everyone
is looking forward to the next matches. It will be exciting to see how
many models people have painted for the next meet up since players can
earn points for every 5 infantry models and each vehicle model they
paint in the off time. People with entirely unpainted armies should
have a huge advantage if they are willing to put in the work for it!

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