2009 Summer League Final Match VBR

Paul's Basement League 2009 Final Match from paul mehaffey on Vimeo.

After four awesome months of painting and gaming our summer league has finally come to a close.
Since we ended up with a tie for first TQ (from www.tqstudios.com) and Jordan decided to play one final game to determine the winner. I moved the video to Vimeo since the blogger size limit was pretty fail.


  1. Awesome. Thanks for all of the organizational work and for putting this up.

    Next time we need little timers. Turn recaps down to 20 sec each with maybe a still shot of the armies with the lists overlayed. It'd be nice if we could get batreps down to like 6 min with some still shots (with higher detail).

  2. Windows movie maker failed pretty bad at doing overlays. They came up fine in the preview but after i compiled the video they were always majorly screwed up. The movie was longin the end but you should have seen the other 20 minutes i cut out. We should prolly give it another go during one of our mid week fast game nites.