A Conqueror Of Worlds

Last weekend during our monthly 40k day the unthinkable happened. We finally got a winner for our planetary empires game that had been going on since January. After months of figuring out tile bonuses and forgetting to use the Universal Special Rules that we gave to our units (until they were almost dead) Joey V. directed Hive Fleet Cerberus to victory! Joe was all fired up to play his bugs when we began, and with his new codex in hand he went on to dominate nearly every game he played. The stats we kept during the campaign show that Joe never lost a game, and only had a few games in a draw. Toward the end, having so many tiles allowed enemies to bring a few hundred more points to bear in his games. Even with the odds stacked against him, his tactical prowess still led him to victory!

In an attempt to start a tradition I chose to make this years trophy based on last years winner. Our last league was won by an Ork Player and thus I present the ORKY. (Its kind of like an Oscar, but with more dakka.)

(Also note the the proper alignment of the trophy has the ork running away fiercely.)

Next time we have a 40k league the trophy will now have to be based on Tyranids. But that may be a while as TQ has been steadily inducting us into his WARMACHINE fold and with the new fantasy on the way we are all excited about ranking up and marching forth to victory!

So many games... So few weekends...


  1. Awesome.

    Way to go JoeyV!

    It was a solid season, but I think everyone is looking forward to a month or two of distraction with Fantasy and Warmachine/Hordes before Games Day.

    After that, 40K ESCALATION!

  2. Thanks to everyone in the league, I had a really great time these last few months and I hope you did too!

    I'm looking forward to giving my Nids a break for a while, learning some Warmachine / Fantasy, and then starting up a whole new army when the 40K Escalation league starts. =)

  3. Great job Joeman!
    I wish I could've gotten some more games in, but alas the weekend gods were against me.
    Have fun absorbing the world's biomass!