Our groups blog is now officially part of the From the Warp bloggers group. Hurry and get your stuff painted up guys! People will actually be looking at it now! During the next round I'm planning on making video battle reports to post so people can see more than my non compressed images.


  1. Welcome aboard. You might want to find some other new blogs to exchange blog roll positions with. Also while BoLS is a great site having a newfeed for them is probably not required since most people are well aware of them. In that space you can include links to other bloggers who need the attention. You could do a what I am reading list their which shows off some of the great work out there in the blogsphere.

    Just include BoLS in your blog roll and later join their little group so you get on their blog roll but that is about it.

  2. Welcome on the blog roll :)
    Nice site you have there - glanced over the battle report and it looks as if you had a blast *literally too*

  3. Welcome aboard, there's tons of great stuff out here from lots of amazing bloggers.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.

  4. Thanks for the welcome guys! Also I appreciate your advice on what to have on the side since I'm rather newbish to the whole blogging thing.