So when i took off work today to help out my wife with the new baby I never imagined I'd be spending the evening in over watch. But, sure enough, around 4 in the afternoon my wife came in with a big box from GW and I immediately went for the phone.

I know every one else on the internet says this but the quality of the game is very top notch. The sculpts are all very detailed and the tiles for the maps are all stamped in areas to add depth to the printed images. Alas, my box came with a broken model. Nothing serious but Brother Goriel's genestealer spine was broken in half and rattling around the box.

After getting everything clipped of the sprue and assembled we got right down to playing the first mission. All of our group being new to space hulk it was up to TQ to teach us what he had learned in the local GW store last week. The first turns were pretty straight forward with all of us just moving our pieces around. I quickly learned how powerful over watch was when my rearguard, Brother Deino, obliterated nine genestealers charging down the first hallway.

After seeing how vulnerable the genestealers were my opponents decided to mass their forces for a final charge at the far end of the map while I made my advance. When the big charge finally came i realized i had made a terrible mistake. The heavy flamer on which my mission depended was leading the advance toward the objective. Realizing my error I used command points to put him in guard mode and prepared for the worst, but like a true warrior of the Blood angels chapter he managed to prevail in close combat and purge the infested final intersection of xenos filth. After overcoming what i thought would have been my downfall i simply needed to advance and complete my mission racking up my first Space Hulk victory.



  1. Ha! Is that the baby's "Power Hammer" in the first pic?

  2. lol, yes it is A. RoboJoe was using it to beat back the forces of the Emperor!

  3. Yeah my boy, Titus, uses it to repel a feline xenos creature almost on a daily basis while quoting the Litanies of Striking. "HAMMER, HAMMER, HAMMER..." From birth he's been destined to be a SM chaplain. I should blog about that some time lol.