So i went and got my Mom and my younger brothers today so they could see my new baby girl and some work could finally get done around the house. While Jon and i were downstairs trying to get things moved around and organized we got to talking about the next rounds of the basement league tournament. After getting trounced for the first 2 rounds he took my advice and did his Chaos space marine homework and decided that he needed transports and lash to make him a more successful general. So he did what any other kid would do. He made a sorcerer out of the bits he had sitting around. In the following weeks we played a few games so he could get used to his armies new dynamic with mixed results. Mech guard destroyed him. Gun line tau got eaten alive. Kiting Dire Avengers got chomped up and space marine librarians foiled him at every turn. He has so far decided that he really likes lash and that he needs 2 of them to really be consistent with using the power. Being in a basement full of bits i started scrounging around for what parts I thought would make a lash sorcerer. After about 20 minutes looking through bins and a lil green stuff here's the result. Not bad for a kid who built his hive tyrant with gorilla glue a year ago.


  1. The conversion looks good and I'm glad Jon is getting ready for some solid (and well-researched) lash action.

    I hope I can watch some of his ownage while I'm playing dan and will be videoing when I have my bye.