Planetary Empires Round Three Live!!

Just a quick heads up. Tomorrow we will be broadcasting round three of our Planetary Empires campaign around 1PM EST. I believe the first match up will be TQ's Imperial guard versus Joey V's tyranids at 1750 points. So if you're floating around the net and feel like stopping by TQ will be glad to chat it up while blowing away some gribblies with Cadia's finest.
On a completely different note the gamesday table applications came out and I think I've got a pretty solid concept for a fast, exciting, and fun event based off of one of the last 40k books I read. Look for some WIP shots of the boards and a general overview to come soon once I iron out the last few details.
And now to go clean the basement from last months games.... procrastination is a beautiful thing...

Watch live video from masterofordinance on

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