Battle Report: Tau Vs Orks

Tau Vs Orks 1500 points DoW / Annihilation from paul mehaffey on Vimeo.

It's a little late, but here is the featured battle from our Planetary Empires campaign. Tau Dan vs Warboss Jorkfist in Dawn of War with kill points. I think this may be the first battle report I have posted with two fully painted armies!

Most of the players are about five battles into the war and the major contenders are really starting to stand out. Tyranids are dominating in the majority of their games and the undefeated Joey V is way ahead of the pack with seven tiles on the map already. Speaking of the map, I am having mixed feelings about it for our campaign tracking. My biggest beef is that it just sits around taking up space. I think it looks nice and all but I could do the same thing with a piece of paper or a picture on the computer.

In other news, we submitted an application to run a table at Games Day. Our plan is to make a few small arenas no bigger than 2'x2' and have gladiatorial battles with independent characters of 200 points or less. The winner will stay to face the next challenger and those with the longest winning streaks will get some kind of prizes at the end of the day. We have done some testing with the idea and there were some truly epic battles. The games are short and sweet, so people won't be stuck at our table all day. You only need to bring one model so setup time is no issue and lots of people should be able to move through quickly. Hopefully we get selected and it will be a hit!

Next month half of our players are attending an anime convention, so the remainder are considering putting together a team apocalypse game. The only other time we tried apocalypse was on the new years eve after the book was first released and that was a major disaster. Hopefully by now we've all got enough experience under our belts to make it work without all of the problems that plagued our first attempt.

That's it for now. I hope you enjoy the video and if you have any tips for a four to six man apocalypse game let us know!


  1. Nice, thanks for posting it up! Some notes about the match: Dawn of War, Annihilation. I had +3 deployment/reserves, and Jordan had +100 pts from campaign stuff. I deployed 1st, Jordan stole initiative.

  2. Oh and I forget if we had the results at the end of the video. I scored 9 kill points to Jordan's 6.

  3. The below is a post I remembered from another blogger about his tips for an Apocalypse game. Granted, their scale was way bigger than what you will be expecting, but I feel like the advice still holds true and can make it more fun for those involved. Hope it helps.

  4. Thanks for the link Turuk. It made a lot of good points that I would have overlooked. We will most likely start planning on our next paint night!