People Must be looking for Zephri Pics

Since I posted my last battle report and noticed my hit counter was up about a thousand hits I figured Zephri's BoLS interview must be up. Since people are actually coming here I figured its now the time to ask this question.

Where do you sign up to run a club table at gamesday? Every year I see all the club events and games going on there and now that we have a pretty good group of people we would like to run a table or two this year.

The only information I was able to find was a really old post on a comic shops forums. So if any one can let me know who I need to contact or where the forms are at shoot me an email at

Heres a link to the original post Cloud Gets Beat by a Girl since its not on the front page any more.

You all know you want me to have Zephri run a table for a day...


  1. Paul, where is your basement league even located? O.o If you are nearby I'd love to throw my hat into the ring and play a game with you guys! :D The Farsight Enclave does a lot of traveling you know.

  2. We are located in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, which is about a half hour southeast of Philadelphia, PA. We currently have about a dozen regulars who get together to play and paint a few times a month. The guys who live in north jersey get together regularly up there and all carpool down to play on our campaign days.

  3. Woo, more Tau! And a Vior'la brother as well. Come on by, I'd love to see Farsight in action. And Paul, if you get table-rights at GD I'm down for helping on any terrain making efforts.

  4. In the past, GW put out the call for club tables about 5 Months before GD, so I'd expect to see something next month or so.

  5. Thanks for the heads up Hudson. I'll keep on the look out.