Imperial Fists vs Space Marines Video Battle Report

Imperial Fists Vs. Immortal Knights (SM) 2775 Pitched Battle / Seize Ground from paul mehaffey on Vimeo.

Round 2 of our Planetary Empires Campaign began last Saturday and what a day it was!
More of the North Jersey crew made an appearance and rocked some little mans across the tabletop.

This week I had the pleasure of playing with Mr. Adam Went, a hard core fan of the sons of Dorn who plays them just like the fluff. I have to admit that, at first, I felt bad for him since it looked like I had so much more than him on the table. As my Land Raider Crusader went down under a barrage of 8 Lascannon shots on turn one, those feelings quickly vanished.

I have to ask you to forgive my poor camera handling this time around. Two hours sleep before a day of 40k makes for some pretty messed up angles. I was sure everything was dead center in the viewfinder when I was shooting it, I was sure I typed 2775 points, I was sure I still had the clips for a re-do, and that little Imperial Fists turn seven... yeah, that's a parasite on your neck....

Lesson of the day, sleep before you play!

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