Tau Doubles List

A while back I got the itch to make a doubles list. Like any other addict of plastic crack this means I immediately made a list and bought models...so they could sit on a shelf and not get used. With our new gaming league coming up soon I'm looking forward to playing multiple game types so maybe we'll get a few rounds of doubles action in. Here's the list.

Fusion Blaster; Hard-wired Drone Controller; Hard-wired Multi-tracker; Stimulant Injector; Plasma Rifle; Targeting Array
2 Gun Drones
Twin Linked Pulse Carbines

10 Fire Warriors
Pulse Rifle (x10)

10 Fire Warriors
Pulse Rifle (x10)

1 Hammerhead Gunship
Railgun; Two Burst Cannons; Targeting Array; Decoy Launchers; Disruption Pod; Landing Gear; Multi-Tracker

My prospective partner would most likely be running a CC oriented Eldar list so I feel that this list would allow me to give him good long range support. And we all know Hammerheads are sweet!

1 comment:

  1. A nice 500 list, if expensive. Do you want to consider adding a second ciris suit? I think if you drop the drones, and a couple of fire warriors you can fit one....

    My instinct would be to run Ravenwing or White scars, as they have shooting (TW Bolters), survivability, Mild/good CC (command squad w/ captain), and are good at grabbing objectives.

    My initial list:
    Captain, Power Weapon, Bike=150

    Bike Squad, 4x bikers, 2 meltaguns, attack bike w/ multimelta=185

    Bike Squad, 4x Bikers, 2 flamers, Attack Bike w/ Heavy Bolter=165


    For 750 I would add a command squad on bikes (220), and some upgrades.
    For 1k, I would add three tornado speeders=(90+90+90)