Paul's Legion Progress Snapshot

I am pretty terrible when it comes to staying focused on a project for very long. I'm even worse at taking progress shots when i actually get a chance to work on something. Usually my wife has the camera hidden away from little hands and she has been asleep too long to risk waking her up. Getting my hobby time in while staying up late for night shifts has its downsides and all.

Recently though, I ventured into the world of smart phones and my new galaxy 2 has a decent camera and a blogger app! Since I've now run out of excuses not to post, here is a quick update on what's been going on at my painting station.

Lately my new legion of everblight army has been filling my hobby time. I have had good luck with Privateer Press models so far and only recently got a few with missing or miscast parts. My raek in the front of the picture came with the back half of his head armor miscast. Sadly I did not notice when I first opened the model and lost the little paper with the number you need to enter on the site. Luckily for me  all that was needed was a little green stuff to get it back into shape.

So far I have the models in the picture base coated with PP frostbite, washed with a 5/10/30 mix of leviathan purple, asurmen blue, and water, then lightly sprayed with the airbrush from the top with skull white. I later went back with PP carnal pink but did not like the way it looked on the carnivian and tried baal red wash straight from the pot. The baal red looked good to me so using a wet brush I pulled it back into the skin to make a little transition gradient and called it a night.

Currently I am trying to decide how to go about the armor plates and spikes. The PP coal black seems pretty thin. I'm thinking if I start with scorched brown I can use the black as a wash to get an effect similar to the one on the box. If that doesn't work too well I also have a new bottle of secret weapon soft body black to try out.

Hopefully I will be posting some finished shots soon! I would love to get a massive chunk of paint points when we meet up for our league games this weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Looking good. go go assembly line!

    The skin could use a bit darker shading in the recesses to define the muscles.

    I think going with foundation charadon granite, wash with soft body black, and drybrush with a lighter grey would come close to the official chitin plating.

    Cant wait to see them all complete!