A Black Reach Chop Shop

Lately I have been running a five man TH/SS assault squad around with an Avenger / Gate of Infinity Librarian. One of my goals during the planetary empires campaign was to try out new things and bring a more "fun to play" list to the table. I know most people will call TH/SS termies anything but fun, but to me they are a relatively new unit and those who know me would most likely say that bashing guys in with a huge melee weapon fits my style just fine. So before the GW price increases and my loss of employment, some of us got together and made a big group order. On the top of my list was what will most likely be my final Black Reach. Ever since getting the Assault Terminator box Ive been wanting to put the spare lightning claws to use. I chopped up most of my brothers black reach nobs to make use of all the weapon upgrades found in the retail nob box and figured that chopping up the space marines couldn't be much harder. A few snips with my clippers and a little glue and I had some hulking go - go gadget monstrosities. After cutting down the arms a bit more I got em just right and was pleasantly surprised that iIhad achieved a more dynamic arm pose than the original kit would have allowed. I made three of the LC termies so I can fill my crusader though I will most likely opt to run only two and put in special characters in power armor.

This bring me to my next new model. After looking at the available chaplain builds I decided that Cassius was my man. I looked him up on the GW site to check the model and immediately started to look for some thing different. The chaplain I ended up with had always caught my eye and was one of those models that I would have always bought if it was on the store rack. After debating whether or not it was worthwhile to cut up a combi - melta form the commander sprue to make his flamer I came across the chaos terminator one. I decided that the older style weapon would be more appropriate on a model representing an ancient warrior. This model also marked my first use of the 005 Micron art pen. This thing works wonders for doing script squigglies. If you don't own one head out to your local craft store and get one today! If you have shaky hand syndrome it makes so many things easier!

Now that all my key players are ready, I'll be hoping to rock my full crusader during the next game I play. Hopefully the Crusader, five TH/SS termies, two LC termies, Cassius and the Avenger / Gate Librarian justify the huge point cost for one super death star unit!

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