Green Group Repaints

All my friends know that I am a sucker for the old Star Wars flight sim games. As terrible as I was at them I loved them all the same. I played X-Wing alliance the most and fondly remember being a part of green squadron.

When I finally decided to take the plunge my choice of color was simple. Green all the way!I used GW Snot Green and simply layered up a few thin coats over the existing red and yellow markings. I used a little Secret Weapon Soft Body Black to weather the bright green and that's it! It only took a few minutes and turned out pretty darn well!

 For the HWK-290 I brush painted a base coat of GW Astronomicon Grey that was heavily watered down before adding my Snot Green Markings and giving the ship a heavy wash with the Soft Body Black. The base coats added a considerable amount of time but I doubt I spent more than a half hour in total.

 I have to say painting these ships goes a lot faster than I thought it would. If you are playing regularly I highly recommend it to make your game pieces more easily identifiable. Now if I could only think of what I want to do to all my Tie fighters...


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