Unfinished Buisness - My First Warjack

This is my first jack. There are many like him, but this one is mine.
Digging through old pictures on my phone I found this beauty. I had recently read about the salt and hairspray method of weathering and wanted to try it out.
For those who don't know of this awesome technique it involves painting your flavor of rust all over the model. After the paint is dry give it a good coating of hairspray from and aerosol can and begin throwing salt at it. The salt will stick to the hairspray and after a few minutes it will be dry enough to then apply a thin coat of your main color. I used an airbrush and skull white watered down a bit for my main coat and let it dry to touch.

Once the topcoat was dry I took a paintbrush and hot water from the kitchen sink and began rubbing over the salted areas. It doesn't take much to get the paint to chip off where the salt resides, and once you have your initial chip going its rather easy to keep tearing off the layer of topcoat.

I continued this process removing all of the salt and getting my jack sufficiently oxidized. finally I hit the jack with some krylon matte finish and painted the rest of the model. I used vallejo copper for my mechanical bits and GW washes over the rusted areas to give the appearance of rust streaks from the rain.

Being happy with my results form the first jack I continued to rust the jacks from my original starter box also. I got a little overzealous and even went as far as to hold them under the running faucet and the topcoat really crinkled up. It made some rather large patches but I don't mind. Personally, I think it gives the older models more charm and a sense of age when compared to the newer plastic decimator.

Currently I am undecided if I want to use this same technique on my infantry models or just paint them red for a little contrast. Looking at the date on the pictures they were from January of 2012. This was the last time I painted a Khador model. Ever since they have all just sat in my cabinet and come out for the occasional game once a year or so.

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  1. Looks good! I would go for more camo look on infantry instead of a lot of rusting. You would expect them to keep their gear from rusting too much, while the jacks only have time for maintenance and haven't seen a parade ground in a long time.
    Paint em up!