Table Time

 I have been doing some game table work lately. Originally when TQ made the first two tables we have been using they got wet during a long ride in the back of his pickup. For the most part they survived intact, but there were a few spots the sand fell off.

For a while I made mention of patching them up and recently in a burst of motivation I went for it. For the most part my repairs only consisted of slathering an ample layer of Elmer's glue over the areas that were showing bare wood and shaking an ample layer of Woodland Scenic's flock over top  Afterward I gently pressed it down and waited for it to dry before I put the table on its side and knocked the excess flock off. If you ever do this be sure to put something down to collect the excess static grass. I had enough to refill half of a container when I was done.

My handy helper. 
I also made a completely new snow themed table. My first one is slowly becoming a powdery mess and was only 4'x4' so it fit as an insert in my table at home. I am looking forward to making a few matching hills and possibly a mountain side with a waterfall to dominate one end with.

The snow on this table is woodland scenic's snow mixed with Elmer's glue and some water. You can sort of see from the picture that it is thinner in some places. I began with a more runny mixture and later went back with some extra thick snow to create piles and drifts.

Lastly I am working on a fleshed out version of my old Games Day mini battle arena. Hopefully in the end I will be able to paint the ground to match without too much of a difference. I want this table to have lots of vertical features and am debating whether or not I want to put a large building with a connecting bridge leading to it in the middle.

My friend Maal from across the pond has also caught my table making bug and is currently working on his own, much nicer, table. I am planning on getting a set of the legs he is using this week and seeing how they work out. I don't think I can make a set of sawhorses any cheaper than that and the store is on the way home from work. If the legs do work out I just might be making some nice routed stained and urethaned sides for all the of the tables!


  1. I too have the table-making itch!

    This is lookin good, cant wait to see them filled up with terrain and troops.

    When I think of snow combat, I think difficult terrain snow drifts, cracked ice rivers, dug out emplacements, snowy forests... lots of movement impeding.

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