Almost Ready for WARgames Con

As of right now I am seven decals and some static grass away from being ready to rock down in Texas next week. I gotta say, getting a free flight to a gaming convention thanks to a work trip is the best idea ever!

About three months ago I realized my annual industrial fire fighting school was the week after WAR Games Con and the plan began to materialize in my mind. We normally fly down on Monday but I told my Chief I would like to go down on Thursday for the con. I also  mentioned it may be cheaper than a Monday ticket. This plan was a good one! After about a month of wondering they told me I got my early ticket!

I cant wait for next week to get here. If any of you want to play a game Thursday evening or Friday at the con let me know in the comments or shoot me an email. Otherwise I will have to spend my time stalking Brent.

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