How to Play King of the Trukk

During one our previous gaming sessions a new game was born. Joey V. and Rob were milling about during the "after dinner lets not play and think about how much pizza we just ate phase". Jordan left his ork army sitting on the edge of the table and a discussion came up. Just how many boyz can you fit in a trukk? Competitive shenanigans ensued.
The concept of the game is quite simple. Players alternate placing ork models on the trukk. When you run out of boyz to stack move on to bigger models. Place HQ models last so they feel more important. The first player to  make the boyz fall is the loser. The winner gets the right to be called the king of the north...err trukk for the rest of the day!

The game is fast, simple, and fun!
Jordan only had a few orks this day and the game was a draw.
Doesn't that war boss look so proud though?


  1. I'm sure you already knew this, but in first edition when the battlewagon was introduced the rules stated that it's transport capacity was only limited by the amount of models you could pile on top of it. The catch was that if any models fell off they were counted as actually falling off and removed as casualties.

    1. I did not know that since I started with 4th edition. That is a pretty awesome rule.