How Penitent Engines Killed My Hobby

Many months ago I put up a post expressing my desire to try taking on a whole army painting commission. I was fresh out of work and waiting to get my job back. After putting my self out there (And deleting my first nasty comment.) one of the guys from the club came over with his old 1500 point Sister of Battle army. We decided on a stupid cheap price and I began to boast about how quickly I was going to knock this army out! The next month, when we got together to play, I had cleaned and prepped all of the infantry and gotten a few squads painted. (The army came to me with and old chipped white base coat and some nasty glue jobs.) Things were going smoothly. The motivation was there. Then all of the real life duties started to sneak in. I had recently had my teen brothers move in and had to take them all over for appointments and attend foster care classes. My wife was pregnant with baby three and constantly sick for six months. Meet up after meetup I made little to no progress on the army. I began wanting to paint different models but instead doing nothing. I felt that I couldn't paint anything else until the sisters were done.

Now all this time KFJ (Short for Kung Fu Joe, the man who does vertical pushups for fun!) was awesome and said not to worry about it and to take my time, but worry I did. For the most part I had completed 70% of the army but still whenever I thought about going to paint I was brush blocked. For the most part of the year the last few models sat. 
Now as I said earlier, I had finished most of the infantry. What remained was the HQ's, the priest, and the penitent engines. When I first received them they were half broken from sitting in storage. I went about pinning and re-basing them while at the beach for a week of family vacation. Then they got broken. I repaired them and they got broken again after that. After fixing them the third time I finally got them base coated. Then I decided to paint the HQ's. Our league died down due to other projects and not feeling the need to work on the models, I put it off.
Occasionally I would get the urge to paint something, or we would have a paint night here and there. When I would go down to get started each time I would sit down and see those blasted engines staring at me! Everyone else would paint and I would accomplish next to nothing! 

I finally finished around the time the new codex came out. Painting those three measly walkers caused me no end of self inflicted mental anguish.  Every one knew I hated them. But now that I can look back, I ask myself why? It's only a model. Well, three models, but I had Monty Python on the mind.

So here is my question to the community? Have you ever started working on a model you just couldn't stand to finish?

(For the record, I would like to state that this Saturday I am wholeheartedly looking forward to committing my entire army to killing those penitent engines after we play our league matches of WARMA/HORDES!
The trash has already been talked and the challenge accepted!)


  1. I've had models that gave me trouble, but not to this extent. These sound like a real challenge.

    From the Warp

    1. I believe their reputation as one of GW's worst models is well earned. Now that they are finecast i would imagine they stay together a lot better than the metal version .

  2. five ellyrian reavers that I couldnt decide the paint scheme on,there still on my desk now,but, I've since moved onto other things,ashame rally as they are nice models.

  3. I have a 6k army that... well it started well in Nov 2009, the final 5k however has been met with some serious paint block. Spent 100's of hours thinking about painting, probably about 2 hours actually painting them though.

    Note to self, purchase then paint one unit at a time...

  4. Literally get this issue all the time, i have half a team of Ork Blood bowl, 10 human players too, half a box of Orruk's including 1/3 gore gruntas half done...

    Feel ya, 6 years+ on. :)

    1. The struggle is real my man. Some times you just have to push through it and sometimes you just have to do something else and get a clear head.