Mass Effect Marathon!

It's finally here! The reason our groups collective hobby time has stopped is about to arrive and we all hope you come and check it out.

For the next couple of days our crew will be together at Joey V.'s place broadcasting live on UStream! The feeds live and running! The embarrassing activities are happening! Heck, with full support form Bioware ,even the voice of the big  man him self, Mark Meer, is helping us out!

Now I Know what your all thinking... "We like war games here." Here's the juicy part for you guys! Tau Dan has been working furiously to create a  model of The Normandy.

This bad boy will be raffled off today at 8pm! You can enter to win by  Donating, Liking g33kWatch on Facebook, or ReTweeting us on Twitter.  There are lots of other prizes to win also so check us out! you don't really want to go shopping on black Friday any way...

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  1. When I get home from holidays, I'll be finishing the Normandy and post it on my blog.

    Its actually being auctioned at 8pm on Saturday. And it will be fully painted and reworked so it can survive shipping :P