Warstore Weekend Tournament Prep

So its two days before I head off to my first real 40k tournament and I'm doing just what I did not want to be doing, painting new models. In my last post I talked about feeling like I was going in cold and so, with the aid or my brother Jonathan, we got some games in this week. I felt that my play was sloppy but I ended with three wins under my belt. While my list is not an uber list of doom, I am comfortable with it and have been using a list like this for quite some time. While working on my display board this afternoon the thought occurred to me, "I have parts to make a typhoon somewhere!" So after some scrounging I found the dark angel upgrade sprue that was missing last time I looked for it and this beauty Joey V. got in a barter bucket trade for his old wood elves.

Lucky for me the previous owner used superglue like a pro and the bodies snapped right off so I can get to the insides! The model is drying from its new coat of $1 Walmart flat black as I type this and will hopefully be ready to rock on friday!

I also started working on a display board to carry my force around on. I don't plan on making it too fancy. Just a 18x24 bulletin board form staples with dirt glued in the middle and a couple drybrushes of gray on top. If i have a little extra time I may put a bit of static grass here and there but with a day and a half before its time to go I don't want to be waiting for too much glue to dry.

Its nice to finally see my first army nearing completion and I hope getting my stuff finished motivates every one else to get their brushes blazing! Having an army near completion is a beautiful thing!

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  1. You have really brought your Ravens up a notch with the detailing and basing over the last few months. I'm glad to see you getting them completed (although there are always new additions on the horizon..) Can't wait to see them with the finished display board!