Space Marines vs. New Tyranids Video Battle Report

Space Marines Vs. New Tyranids 1500 Points DoW/Annihilation from paul mehaffey on Vimeo.

This weekend saw the start of our second round of competitive play. We are using the standard Planetary Empires rules with a few modifications to ensure variety among the games. If your interested all the rules are listed to the right under links and you can see the status of our campaign map.

My first match up was again Joe V. and his tyranids. He got the new rules a few nights before and decided to see how his old list played out. Contrary to the codex creepers cries, things seemed manageable with good target priority and threat management. Even though I lost the game I could clearly see where i went wrong and it was in no part due to the new Nids being overpowered. I misjudged how far away my assault marines were form the genestealers and that my tyrant had imaginary wings on it and got caught after the genestealers got a 6 for difficult terrain and a 6 for fleet. If I had faced either one at the time I felt that I could have taken them out in close combat. After my assault plans fell apart I went on the defensive and did my best to salvage the game but the damage had already been done.

Just remember, Have faith in your Bolters when your other weapons fail!

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  1. I agree with you Paul, the new codex wasn't overpowered or under powered. It was just different, and I do agree, if the assualt marines didn't have to deal with the genestealers AND the Flyrant at the same time, it would've been closer.

    That all being said, looking forward to more games with the new Nids and I'm sure we will have another game in there. Be on the look out for the Death Leaper Lictor though in future games. Beginning of the game he gives a -d3 to one HQ unit. Couple that with making psychic checks at 3d6 and that's a dangerous Eldar / Libriaran killer.