Secret Battles

I caught his elusive little gamer to be making use of all the terrain. Normally I just find Peppa Pig's friends and family in all the buildings.

Tuesday night fight #2

Dan realized quickly that giant robots are awesome in a game of toy soldiers!


Stompy death advancing!

Bring them down or something!

Masters of stealth...


I hear your are stupid dumb Calgar!

I have found you!
Orks are invading the chaos fortress!

Jordy and Kevin prepare to face off.

Jordy prepares to cast his wagghhh magics.

This demon prince quickly learned the error of charging lots of boyz.

Sorcerers love towers!

There used to be ork bikers here... really.

Its coming

Its coming

It came

Its late and I can't think of anything plucky to say here.

Seriously sorcerers could just sit in their towers all day.

Spider defiler?

Orks on a wall, soon they shall fall!


Our second big game day has come and gone. We had some new players show up more car problems and meatballs!
Shawn"s first game, Mechanicus vs Fists.

Putting eliminators on a tower seemed like a good idea but they couldn't actually see much.

This drill sealed these poor rust stalkers fate.

The tactical tower shuffle!

Towers are for deepstriking!


Who knew a Lieutenant with no weapon could do so well in close combat.

I can hear the ,"I have come to destroy you" in my head!

This laser really hurts

Tim and Titus ready for war! 

Much green. Such wow.

Ready to defile from afar!

A big mechanical thing is coming!

Titus and Scott prepare to face off!

The Ultramarines invade the Salamanders?

Scott"s new primaris marines shielding their dumb chapter master.

Scott made some hellblasters to be cool like me but with less yellow.